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The Baby Home Kit

For the First Time in History: A Low Cost Fertility Treatment You Can Use at Home

IQ Biomedical is a Canadian company with offices in Toronto, Canada and Munich, Germany. It was founded by Dr. Marion Vollmer, a biomedical scientist, and Lise Eamer, an engineer, to further their groundbreaking work in the field of fertility and medical devices. You can read their latest scientific article, “Turning the Corner in Fertility”, here.


IQ Biomedical invented the Baby Home Kit — a revolutionary new product that enables couples to perform fertility treatments at home. So for the first time in history, there is a sophisticated and reliable remedy for infertility, available at a low cost.

Why hasn’t anybody done this before?

Because fertility treatments have always required purified sperm that has been processed in a lab. But we invented and patented a simple device named Sperm StarTM that lets anyone purify sperm at home.

Sounds complicated…how does it work?

It is not complicated at all. It is simple to use: Collect the sperm, inject it into Sperm Star, wait a short while, extract the purified sperm and then inject it into the uterus. The Baby Home Kit includes all the equipment you need to do this at home.

When can I buy the Baby Home Kit?

We are launching the Baby Home Kit at the Fertility Show in London (UK) 2016 with a crowdfunding pre-sales campaign. Subscribe to our mailing list to obtain updates on the exact date of release of the Baby Home Kit. We expect it to be available in about a year or two depending on how long regulatory approval takes in each country.

The Baby Home Kit enables couples to deal with infertility at home.
Sperm Star is a sperm preparation device and the centerpiece of the Baby Home Kit.
IQ Biomedical is a young, innovative and agile start-up company founded by two female entrepreneurs.


10 Questions that Help Make a Difference

We would like to learn about the needs of couples who are trying to conceive. Therefore, we prepared this anonymous survey at All the data collected will be kept confidential and will only be used internally by the IQ Biomedical team. The information will help us build products that are historical firsts and enable more couples to fulfill their dream of becoming parents.

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IQ Biomedical is a young, innovative and agile start-up company with a fresh and creative approach to finding scientifically-engineered solutions to biomedical challenges.

The company was founded by two female entrepreneurs:
Lise Eamer is a mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Toronto, Canada and Dr. Marion Vollmer is a biomedical scientist who received her PhD in embryology and stem cell research from the Technical University in Munich, Germany. Together, we bring twenty years of experience in a wide variety of fields including biomedical research, medical device development, customer service, sales and regulatory processes. IQ Biomedical is supported by an international team of advisors with expertise in business, science, medicine and entrepreneurship.

IQ Biomedical’s goal is it to improve public health. We achieve this by not only providing innovative products to improve quality of life, but also information and education about the medical conditions we are addressing and the scientific evidence behind our products. Our dedication to improving quality of life and public health makes us a strong and motivated team that plans to build diverse product lines of innovative medical devices.



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